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Embryonic Breathing Webinar

20 janvier 2024 21 janvier 2024

This two days webinar (14h in English on Zoom) with Laurent MAGNE (YMAA Qìgōng Instructor) is intended to be both a solid introduction to Qìgōng Breathing and Meditation, focused on Embryonic Breathing and a deep dive into its Theory and Practice (50/50), with some time for discussion of your experience, findings and difficulties after each practice, to further enrich your understanding and refine your practice quality.

We will also explain in details the “Recovery Qìgong” (also known as Dr. Yang’s “Sitting Qigong Exercises”) and its strong significance in our practice. And if time allows, we’ll tackle Meditative Walks as a natural extension of our practices.

Here is our schedule to accommodate different time zones:

EB Webinar:PST -8h (CA)EST -5h (NY)UTC +1h (Paris)
Session#1 (90 min)7:00-8:3010:00-11:3016:00-17:30
Break (15 min)8:30-8:4511:30-11:4517:30-17:45
Session#2 (105 min)8:45-10:3011:45-1:3017:45-19:30
Break (90 min)10:30-12:001:30-3:0019:30-21:00
Session#3 (120 min)12:00-02:003:00-5:0021:00-23:00
Break (15 min)02:00-02:155:00-5:1523:00-23:15
Session#4 (105 min)02:15-04:005:15-7:0023:15-01:00

YMAA active members will receive a 10% discount.

Please, send us a message (see email below) so that we can have your contact information to send you the Zoom link. You can pay via PayPal using the following link: PayPal.Me/laurentmagnefr91 or preferably (for lower PayPal commission) this QR code:

The whole seminar will be recorded and available for participants in replay during one month.


YMAA Paris Nord

Voir le site Organisateur

Laurent Magne began studying qìgōng, tàijíquán, and various Chinese martial arts under the tutelage of Dr. Yáng in 1999, and his dedication to these disciplines has remained unwavering ever since. Since 2013, Laurent has been imparting his knowledge as a seasoned instructor.

As a certified YMAA Instructor in qìgōng, Laurent takes joy in sharing these arts with others. With an emphasis on both theory and practice, Laurent believes in the symbiotic relationship between the two, recognizing their role in mutually reinforcing and enriching one’s understanding and experience.

Currently, Laurent offers comprehensive instruction in all eight levels of the YMAA Qìgōng curriculum. He conducts immersive three-year programs and weekend seminars. By blending theory and hands-on practice, Laurent creates an environment conducive to deepening your connection with these ancient arts, ensuring a holistic and enriching learning experience.

2 réflexions sur “Embryonic Breathing Webinar

  1. Greetings Laurent,

    We have met at the retreat center some years ago. You recommended to me the awesome Chinese Medicine book, by Maciocia. Still digesting it. Just wondering if you ever will teach in English?

    Thank you,

    Angela Laughingheart
    YMAA Wisconsin

    • Dear Angela,

      It’s a pleasure to hear from you and I hope this new year finds you well. I am teaching in English online and possibly in person during my many trips in the USA each year. What topic would be of interest for you?
      Warm regards,


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