Derniers messages de Maître Lǐ

Vous trouverez ici quelques uns des derniers messages en anglais de Maître Lǐ… des messages inspirants qui vous permettront de mieux comprendre la philosophie du Shèng Zhēn (聖眞). Les éléments mis en gras ne l’était pas à l’origine et sont de notre fait.

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Message du 05/10/2020

Today the world appears to be in fragments. It is hard to see that all the parts make up a whole. As more and more countries have formed, people continue to identify with the places where they live, their race and religion. Man has lost his sense of wholeness, forgetting where he comes from and who he is. But in the midst of all this, know that everything is the way it is supposed to be. Events are unfolding naturally.

Because what is happening outside is simply a reflection of what is on the inside, the only way to truly understand what is taking place, and to understand where the world is meant to go, is for the individual to work on himself – body, mind and spirit.

Through the regular practice of Sheng Zhen Meditation, one is gifted with the experience of his origin, with the experience of oneness, where all began and where all ends. Practicing the movements and studying their contemplations, deepens one’s understanding of the truth. In time you will come to have a deeper understanding of life and the universe. A joyful disposition and an inner knowing develops naturally. As the heart unfolds to the love within, one truly becomes the embodiment of happiness and contentment.

                                                 With love,
                                                          Li Junfeng

Message du 12/12/2019

The presence of qi keeps the heart open, and the mind alert and clear. The more qi, the easier it is for the heart to experience its innate openness. As the experience of openness grows, qi is able to flow more efficiently, benefiting one’s health by filtering out negative emotions. In turn, this deepens the experience of an open heart. When the mind is still and focused, it merges with the heart. Then the mind is able to shine through clearly. 

When the flow of qi between human beings is obstructed because of greed, mistrust, excessive competition and fear, this leads to a weakened society, prone to social conflict, economic instability and general discontent. When the qi does not flow freely between man and his environment, because of misuse and abuse, not only is man’s health affected, but even the Earth’s immune system is weakened. This results in severe climate conditions and natural disasters.

In seeking to satisfy their countless needs, human beings have brought about the present conditions. With toxic substances increasing in the environment, and with man’s inability to see his true worth and true nature, these insatiable desires suffocate the world with strife and conflict everywhere. As a result, man experiences instability, his life and his spirit becoming incompatible with nature.

How can human beings be spared from the destructive effects of their own actions? If people are able to uplift their lives, showing love, concern and support for one another, with open hearts and open minds, keeping a brotherly bond with the hills, the rivers, and the whole of creation, then the cravings and insatiable desires in their hearts would disappear.

The unchanging nature of unconditional love is a presence. When we live in love, when we act from love, we eventually experience that we are that love. Pettiness dissolves into expansion. Feelings of injustice melt into compassion. Anxiety is transformed into peace. There is unflinching courage and unquestionable confidence. There is only unconditional love.

This is the calling to human beings: to reclaim the birthright to live in the presence of unconditional love, to merge with it, to understand that you are not different from it and that all other aspirations, wishes, personal or community causes, dissolve in the light of this one true desire. It is this desire, and only this desire, that gives direction, sense and meaning to life in this ocean of existence. It is this desire that fuels human life to return to its origin. Bask in the light of the presence. Become that love.

Message du 19/09/2019

The universe loves you just the way you are. Through this unconditional love, you can experience your own divinity. You, in turn, should love others just the way they are, with all their seeming foibles and imperfections. It is not for us to remove differences and make everyone fit into one mold. Diversity in the universe is natural and meant to be. 

This is the mystery of creation. Although there is variation, there is also oneness. If there is friction, if there is difficulty, resist from thinking that something must be “fixed.” The moment we think of fixing something, we get in the way of the flow. Instead, go within. Practice seeing sacredness in everything and everyone. Then you will discover that all things are moving in step with the rhythm of the universe. In the seeming noise and tension that arise from the discordant notes of honking horns, barking dogs, or harsh words, is OM. This is the music of the universe, and within the differences of opinions is a symphony. Before you react, listen, and you will hear the glorious song of unconditional love. All it takes is practice.

Message du 17/07/2019

The human body is a piece of clay. When the breath of life was blown into this body, the seed of love was planted into this soft piece of clay. Every heartbeat echoes the presence within.

When an ordinary piece of clay is exposed to the elements, it can become parched, hardened, and eventually set, unable to take on any other shape. However, if it is kept in a closed container, if it is moistened every once in a while, it never sets and continues to possess all possibilities of becoming something else.

This is what love does to the human body. As long as we allow the seed of love within to grow and mature, as long as we continue to fan the ensuing flames we experience within, the body is nurtured, as it were, by a protective chamber that keeps it supple enough until it reaches the point that it fulfills its heavenly destiny.

If we guard from congealing, being vigilant of limiting concepts and opinions from taking root, if we continue to practice letting go and surrendering to our God within, whether it brings pain or pleasure, we remain ever fresh and supple. We are ready to open up our innermost selves to all possibilities. This is how we maintain the softness of our original selves.

Practicing Sheng Zhen Meditation softens one who is hardened by the seeming harshness of life, bringing the child back into one’s heart, enabling the body to fulfill its heavenly destiny. It is never too late to begin because the seed of love never shrivels up to the point of no return. It is there constantly waiting to be moistened by the vessel that carries it in its womb. The seed of love is not fed from the outside but from within. What is the body’s heavenly destiny?
To house the soul on this realm as it makes its way back to love.

Message du 16/06/2019

Love is the first and only law. Because of love, everything can exist in harmony. Because of love, each thing plays its role in time and in step with everything else – each thing respects its role and the role of everything else. Why do collisions happen? They happen because of a lack of love – because of selfishness. When one thing covets another’s space or another’s time, then a collision occurs. Two stars can collide and worlds are destroyed. Two portions of the Earth can collide and an earthquake occurs. Two nations can collide and a war occurs. Two people can collide and cause untold misery and suffering for each other.

You are an embodiment of love, but often live under the delusion that love is something you must seek. You are born on Earth not to seek love, but to bring love to it. You may think that life in this world has become very difficult. However, the inner work of giving up your selfishness, and all that stems from it, like pettiness and pride, is much more difficult. 

My deepest wish is for you to awaken to the love in your hearts. There is no need to look to the sky and sigh, wondering where love is. Love is between Heaven and Earth. Love is in every corner of the world.

Message du 16/05/2019

To embark on the practice of Sheng Zhen is to begin a journey of rediscovery – a journey back to one’s true home. Where does one’s true home lie? Home is not just a place, structure or people. It is a state of consciousness where one experiences a sense of total well-being. To return to one’s true home is to return to one’s original nature, to rediscover one’s real self, and to regain the awareness of the wholeness which was never lost, but only forgotten.

The journey back to one’s true home is a journey into one’s own heart, a journey into the heart of existence, back to that “nothingness” from which everything arises. To attain this state is to know one’s place in the scheme of things, to always be at home no matter where one is, and to always experience wholeness no matter what the circumstances of one’s life may be.

With an unselfish heart, you have the capacity to forgive everything, including your lifetime enemy. This may be easy to say, but difficult to do. Even though it is not certain whether you can attain this kind of love, strive to reach it. In life, people may lose their way. However, they must look at where they’ve gone astray and firmly resolve to follow the right way.

Imagine being your enemy. Would you not rather be forgiven and loved? If you put yourself in your enemy’s place, and are given a little love, it can melt your hatred and dissolve your negativity. It would transform you and bring you to a loving world. Realize that in your life, loving and helping others is of ultimate importance. Do you think you have the capacity to sacrifice yourself for others? Can you love them enough to give them the opportunity to change for the better?

Message du 24/04/2019

Sheng Zhen Meditation is a gift from heaven to all of humanity. It is not a product of human creativity. It has been lovingly imparted to assist mankind during this period of transition from one era to the next. Once you decide to practice Sheng Zhen, it means that you want to flow with the great tide of change.

Sheng Zhen not only develops the body but also elevates the spirit. It enables one to receive guidance from above and opens the heart to eternal, divine love, the essence of Sheng Zhen. In this love, your humanity is perfected.

Practicing Sheng Zhen Meditation will gift you with good health and a strong and energetic body. In time you will come to have a deeper understanding of life and the universe. You will develop a joyful disposition and an inner knowing that comes from an open heart.

Although appearing to be similar to other practices, what makes Sheng Zhen different is that all the movements are accompanied by messages of love

Through these messages all religions, all people, can come together as one. Practicing the different forms of Sheng Zhen Meditation develops a growing understanding and a deepening respect for all life.

Remember, the only lasting thing that one can bring away from any situation is love in one’s heart. The love you leave behind is the love you bring with you. They are one and the same.